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The Etesian Ring

The Etesian Ring

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Experience the whisper of the Aegean with The Etesian Ring, a jewel in our Elemental Collection that captures the essence of the legendary Etesian winds. This ring, forged in the finest gold, is graced with a constellation of diamonds that glint like the surface of the sun-dappled Aegean Sea. Each gem is meticulously placed, creating a breeze-like flow around the band that speaks to the enduring and refreshing Etesian wind. Designed for those who are touched by the timeless elegance of nature's breath, The Etesian Ring is more than an accessory—it's a tribute to the gentle yet powerful force that has guided seafarers through ages.

Band Width: 6.75mm
Total Carat Weight: 2.5 ct., E/F Color, VS/VVS Clarity, Lab
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